Hilary shares her fantabulous fusion of life with fiber and other randomness.


Comments on: "Episode 15 – Mustache on a Finger" (2)

  1. OMG I’m the only other person knitting the knit along besides you two. I’ve got another 7 rows to go on this shawl before I’ll restart on the mitts. I picked up my buttons they are super pretty.. I hope I can get these mitts and the scarf done before it gets too cold over here.

    I’m glad you showed how you were carrying up your yarn on your mitts.. I wasn’t sure how to carry it up your method looks a lot better so hehe plus about having to frog.

    I just use ibooks for my patterns but that app does sound pretty good especially the highlighting part. 🙂

    The ispin toolkit is sweet! Majacraft made a windows 7 phone app for the Aura … no idea when if ever they’ll convert the app to iOS.

    I recently subscribed to Spin-Off and Interweave Knits thinking I could just upload the pdfs to my phone like I did with their Spin & Knit magazine but it goes through a company called Zinio. I was a bit skeptical at first but it’s actually pretty nice especially with how the links in the advertisements actually work and it’s got quite a bit of interlinking going on so you can go to page say 70 where the pattern continues etc making it a lot easier to follow through.

    Have you guys both updated to iOS5? so happy that I can text anyone with an iOS device and not use up any actual texts which is pretty sweet for when I want to contact someone that’s in another country 😀

    OMG the tired feeling.. I’ve been feeling lethargic lately.. I think it’s the weather that and I appear to be getting a cold.

    I miss you guys! I’m glad you do these podcasts *hugs*

  2. I’ve used Zinio for another magazine, but then found out that magazine wasn’t available in the mobile version haha

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