Hilary shares her fantabulous fusion of life with fiber and other randomness.

Show notes will be posted to the Ravelry group.


Comments on: "Episode 23 – Invisible FO’s" (5)

  1. OMG you got the 24 breed wool sampler O_O *WANT*

    Let me know how that conductive thread stuff works out for you. I saw that on etsy and was very interested 🙂

    Glad you mentioned the new Spin-off magazine I subscribed via Zinio and for some odd reason my Interweave Knits can display on my phone but the Spin-off won’t so I can only check it on my computer.

    • I know, I’m loving the sampler! I just need to get the time to spin more of them haha 🙂

      I always forget about Zinio! I subscribed to something awhile back but forgot about it.

  2. Haley’s fingerless mitts are beautiful! And Cameron’s “yarn shirt” is adorable. I think calling it a “yarn shirt” is so cute!

  3. Yarn shirt, love the term! So glad to see you got a playbook. I use an asus transformer pad myself, I love supporting creative persons and having the freedom to use my device as I please. Take a look at “beyond pod” its an app that you may find useful, I sure do!
    Have fun, and thanks for the great shows.

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